Unveiling the Expansion of Google Gemini to Older Versions of Android

In a significant move towards making artificial intelligence more accessible, Google has expanded its Gemini app to support older smartphones running Android 10. This development marks a departure from the app's previous compatibility, which was limited to Android 12 and later versions.

Inclusivity in the AI Landscape

The tech landscape is rapidly evolving with AI at its forefront, and inclusivity is becoming a key consideration. Google's decision to make Gemini available on Android 10 devices is a testament to this shift. Users have reported that the app operates seamlessly, without any lag or glitches, bringing advanced AI features to a wider audience.

New Features and Functionalities

Google Gemini is not just expanding its reach; it's also enhancing its capabilities. The app now boasts new features such as a floating window over background apps, real-time generation, and prompt scheduling. These additions are designed to improve user experience and offer more versatility in how the app is used.

The On-Device Assistant Revolution

One of the most notable aspects of Gemini's expansion is its potential to replace Google Assistant as the on-device AI. While it currently lacks access to third-party apps, improvements are on the horizon. Soon, users might be able to control music playback on apps like Spotify and YouTube Music directly through Gemini.

Community Feedback and Future Prospects

The expansion of Gemini to Android 10 was first spotted by tech enthusiasts on social media and later confirmed by various publications. This community-driven discovery highlights the importance of user feedback in shaping the future of technology. As Google continues to refine its AI offerings, we can expect more exciting developments that cater to the needs of a diverse user base.


Google's initiative to expand Gemini's compatibility is a forward-thinking move that aligns with the broader goal of making AI technology more inclusive. By supporting older Android versions, Google is ensuring that the benefits of AI are not just reserved for those with the latest devices but are available to a much larger community.

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