Introducing WordPress Studio: The Ultimate Local WordPress Development Tool has always been at the forefront of making website management and development as seamless as possible. With the introduction of Studio, they are taking a giant leap forward in local WordPress development. Studio is a new, free, open-source local development environment that simplifies the process of building WordPress sites on your local machine.

A Hassle-Free Development Experience

Gone are the days of manual tool configuration and slow site setup. Studio offers a one-click solution to create and run WordPress sites locally. It's designed for developers, designers, and site builders, providing a seamless solution for creating WordPress sites and showcasing work-in-progress to clients and teams.

Key Features of Studio

Studio boasts several features that make local development a breeze. It allows easy access to WP Admin, the Site Editor, global styles, and patterns without the need to remember usernames or passwords. Additionally, it integrates with popular development tools like VS Code and PhpStorm, enhancing your existing workflow.

Sharing Your Work Made Easy

One of the challenges of web development has been sharing local work with clients or team members. Studio addresses this with its demo sites feature. These are publicly-accessible sites hosted on, which can be shared via a link that stays active for seven days, allowing for easy presentation of updates and changes.

A Fresh Approach to Local Development

Studio stands out by not relying on traditional web servers or virtualization technologies. It uses WordPress Playground, a WebAssembly-powered PHP binary, which eliminates the need for a traditional web server, resulting in a faster and smoother development experience.

Building and Managing WordPress Sites Locally

With Studio, continues to add powerful features to your toolkit. It joins a suite of features like staging sites, SSH and WP-CLI access, global edge caching, GitHub Deployments, and more. Studio is set to revolutionize the way WordPress sites are built and managed locally.


Studio by represents a significant advancement in local WordPress development. It's a testament to's commitment to providing tools that make website management effortless. As the WordPress community eagerly awaits further updates, Studio is ready to transform local development workflows.

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