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This is a Disclaimer Policy for this Site

In addition to the Privacy Policy, this page contains information about the tools, writings, and links I've used in my website. This statement also covers issues relating to copyright and Terms of Use.

About the Resources

I am using resources for educational purposes only. I'm not spamming users for my own gain. I'm utilizing services owned by entities or organisations with the permits needed. And users will be getting these resources from the owners of the content.

About the Writings

The writings included in this article are interesting and unique. Often, I may use writings from other blogs to enhance the article's content. You are free to contact me via e-mail if you find any problems with the content given during this blog.

About the Links

I may use links to external sites for redirecting to files and displaying relevant contents. And these sites may display advertisements as per their policies. And I'm not liable for any action you take with the links that I've provided.

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