How to make money from Blogging?

Blogging is a good idea if you want to make some money on the internet. Lots and lots of people are making a living through blogging. Aware of these things before you start your blog to earn money.

Steps for Earning Money through Blogging

Follow these steps for the success of your blogging carrier.

  • Select the right niche, which has high advertising value.
Selecting your niche topic will be the first step to start making money. Even if the question has less number of competition, you should choose only a niche which you have more confidence to write. Use Google Keyword Analyser tool for selecting your favourite niche.

  • Write good content for your blog.
Take all your time here. You need to produce excellent quality of contents for your readers. Search engines Algorithms will look for the quality content and rank web pages based on that. So write quality content for the blog.

  • Take care of your Hosting.
Host your blog contents in an excellent hosting platform. This will determine your blog speed and also affect the Search Engine Rankings.

  • Gain more Traffic to your blog.
Gain some traffic to your blog through Social Media Platforms like Pinterest. YouTube another excellent choice for driving for traffic to your blog. 

You can also advertise your blog on Google search results. Another way to gain more traffic to your blog by implementing sharing buttons 

  • The monetisation of your blog.
Monetise your blog with text or display ads. Or you can also choose Affiliate Marketing according to the niche you have chosen.

Google Adsense is one of the best services for monetising your blog. Amazon affiliates for Affiliate Marketing.

You can also make money through your blog by selling e-books or shirts with your blog name. Or sell things you like and have value for the users.

  • Update your blog regularly.
Now all you need to do is updating your blog with new contents regularly. This will help you gain more returning traffic and add value to your blog.

If you follow this steps you will slowly start earning money with your blog. Hope you like this content. Give us your valuable feedbacks.

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