Adsense the biggest Advertising Network.

Adsense is the biggest and one of the oldest online Advertising Network. It is loved by both publishers and advertisers to earn money and to reach ads to interest-based people.

Adsense is a Publishers space and Adwords is the place for Advertisers. Both play an essential role in online advertisements.

Adsense offers text, image, and video display ads for their publishers. Publishers can either create custom banner ads or automatic banner ads to their website. Now Adsense is providing Auto Ads in which it uses machine learning to determine the best placement of ads on your website.

Even though Adsense is dominant in every aspect. Getting approval in Adsense is kinda worst. Publishers need to continually update their sites according to the Adsense Policies.

Your earnings will be at risk if you break any of their policies. And you will not get any support from the Adsense team unless you have an acquaintance on Google.

Adsense share revenue is 68% for the publishers. i.e. you will receive $68 if your site generates about $100 through Google Ads.

There are other networks which may give you more share. But Adsense gives you more money than any other system because their bid rates are quite higher than the others.

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